We provide Continual Professional Development for 100's of engineering professionals every year. 

We, at Premier, are dedicated to the success of our customers. We show our dedication by sharing our expertise; providing specialist support, training and consultancy services enabling CPD for 100's of engineers each year. 

There are a variety of courses and workshops available to you, all developed with a singular view - to enhance attendees knowledge and allow them to apply that knowledge to their design processes quickly and effectively. Every delegate from each of the hundreds of courses we have run over the years has fed back their thoughts. This has driven the quality of our training to the highest level and we are certain that our tutors maximise the transfer of knowledge, and thereby the retained value of our courses, for everyone who attends.

I'm too busy to attend a training course

It's true, we're all incredibly busy and training can also be seen as a "personal benefit", especially when one considers that what was learned at university isn't that relevant today (even if it was just a few years ago). You may wish to consider the impact of NOT being trained, or being entirely dependent on stuff gained from the Internet. Our old friend, Dr, Marty Hauff has an interesting article entitled "Engineering Knowledge Half-life: When is it okay to NOT know the detail?" - perhaps it's worth a read?

If I train my engineers, then they will be able to get better jobs and leave

Perhaps you should consider the fact that if you do train them, then they will stay! Seriously, training is a great indicator of your commitment to your staff. An "Investor in People" standard for technology companies, should not be restricted to giving a few people some "Manual Handling" training.

How can I be sure that the course covers what I need to know?

The simple thing to do here is speak to us. We try to maintain accurate and complete details on this website but we're also very happy to hear from you and discuss your requirements. Simply use the online enquiry form to ask your questions. 

Our Training


Altium Hands-on Training

Our Altium hands-on training courses are tutor-led, interactive training experiences. We have developed our courses in-house using some of the world's most experienced applications engineers' expertise. Our tutors are professional educators and they deliver training that "sticks".



Premier Professional Services

Training requirements can differ depending on the size of your organisation. We provide system administrators with guidance, advice and direction. Our services are bespoke to your requirements. They are designed to transfer key knowledge for those responsible for Altium at our larger customers.



PCB Skills Training

With PCB design there is no substitute for practical knowledge. Our skills training brings together courses developed internally and seminars delivered by industry experts. Our courses focus on real-world practical advice rather than being dependent on a specific design system. 


As well as being passionate about the success of our customers, we are proud to work with and encourage youngsters into the industry with our Youth Development Programme. Our programme aims to reach youngsters of all ages. We extend our training services to the community by providing skills and hands-on training to apprentices competing within the WorldSkills competiton. 


Renishaw training

Renishaw and Premier training

How they benefit from the full range of Altium training modules