The Angelic Bulldog Project

A team of volunteers designing and building a streamline motorcycle to break the 400mph barrier, bringing the land speed record on two wheels back to Britain. 

The electronics team design speed and engine parameters, sensor interfaces and instrumentation to display distance. Designing a number of safety system indictors, the state of the fire control system and status of the skids. These are used to keep the vehicle vertical. Most of the team are familiar with Altium Designer and are using it professionally on a daily basis.

The team identified some key benefits of using Altium Designer that significantly contribute towards their success, these include:

  • 3D capability to assist in visualising how it all packages together, without mechanical clash
  • Tight integration with mechanical design for enclosures to minimise space
  • Version control to ensure compatibility across the team
  • Simulation to speed up the design process

Premier are keen to celebrate British engineering. We take pride in lending support and providing sponsorship for this inspiring project. Angelic Bulldog depends on volunteers and sponsors, without contributions this project would be impossible. 


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