Energy and Power Group in collaboration with the University of Oxford

EPG is a multidisciplinary team comprising electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil engineers and physicists. The group currently has 15 members. They are located at the Department of Engineering Science within the University of Oxford. 

EPG have an Eco Vehicle Club which had a successful year with the vehicle, PEGGIE. The club is currently in the middle of putting together a very exciting proposal for their next generation vehicle. They aim to convert an existing vehicle to a short distance commuter vehicle which is run off energy from solar panels. 

EPG's latest project is a calorimeter device which measures heat. The device is specially designed to be "high speed" - 15 minutes to get a reading vs. hours on a traditional one. The device is able to confirm the power accuracy of precision power analysers measuring voltage and current signals in the MHz range. 

The team have used Altium to design the motherboard of the calorimeter. The motherboard interfaces with 6 current transmitter boards and 4 generic amplifier boards.

"Designing the relatively complex motherboard was much simpler using Altium Designer rather than other software packages we've used previously." 
- Damien Frost, DPhil student.

Altium's 3D view was majorly beneficial to the team to make sure all of the boards fitted together well. The 3D view was used regularly throughout the project to ensure the fittings and measurements were correct.

"I used the 3D view to make sure the motherboard would fit properly in the calorimeter. Being able to see the components in a virtually populated PCB made me feel more confident about my design." 
- Damien Frost, DPhil student.

Team members at EPG have confirmed that they will be using Altium Designer to design other circuit boards for their PhD. The project will be based upon intelligent energy storage.

More results to come...

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