Cambridge Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Team

Designing and manufacturing general-purpose Autonomous Underwater Vehicles for science and exploration.

Since the project's founding in 2006, four unique AUV's have been designed and built. In July 2012, their most recent project was completed and is currently undergoing improvements. The team take part in the Students Autonomous Underwater Challenge - Europe (SAUC-E). The competition takes places annually and is currently hosted in La Spezia, Italy.

The team is made up of students from the University of Cambridge. Their vehicles are designed to operate in shallow water, no deeper than 80 metres, performing varied underwater tasks. The team work on all aspects of the mechanical, electronic and software design of the AUV's. 

A long term goal for the project is to aid academic research underneath Artic ice sheets. Bore-hole deployment of an AUV would significantly help research efforts. We are proud to be sponsors of such an interesting and evolutionary project.

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