Altium Subscription

Altium Subscription includes a range of additional benefits exclusively for UK customers. It is a compelling mix of software updates and services which protects your future and ensures long-term satisfaction.


 Stay updated with the latest software technology

Altium Designer is on a continual development path and has a corporate goal to deliver world-leading PCB design technology. The net result is a stream of updates, enhancements and improvements to the software brought directly to your desktop.

 Gain access to on-line content

There is a wealth of component libraries, reference designs and other content to be found within the Altium on-line community. As a Subscription customer, you have exclusive access to this content. Further, Altium has relationships with most of the world's leading semiconductor vendors which allows them to deliver directly to your Altium Designer desktop the very latest devices - ready-to-use.

 Influence Altium's product development

Subscription customers can access BugCrunch - a system designed to help you bring bugs to Altium's attention and influence which ones get crunched first! You can also submit Ideas and debate new features and enhancements as part of Altium's massive on-line community.

 Access to priority telephone support

In the UK we have some of the most experienced Applications Engineers in the Altium world. UK Subscription customers get fast response priority access to this team during working hours. The requests for help can be via phone or email (as you prefer), our responses can involve phone, email, webcast, screenshare or we may even put together a short video for you.

 Exclusive ability to attend webinars and UK workshops

Our Altium workshops offer an exclusive opportunity for UK Subscription customers to gain in-depth technical knowledge about Altium software. These workshops move around the country so that they are easy for customers to attend and they have a focus on specific technology/application areas.

 Ability to control up-front costs with subscription plans

The UK Subscription service gives customers the ability to plan their investment in electronics design tools. For larger customers we can adjust the anniversary date to better suit your budget and financial year needs. Simply discuss your needs with us and we'll work to find an appropriate solution for you.


The support we get from Premier EDA Solutions is second to none. We couldn’t wish for a better support, it’s virtually instant. It is outstanding compared to other systems we have used.

PB - Design Engineer, Gemini Tec Limited.



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