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In the drive to meet project timescales, many of you do not have the time to step back and evaluate how to best fit your Altium software with your design processes. 

Our Professional Services provide a bespoke consultancy service which evaluates key areas of your design process and highlights how you can gain the best usage of your Altium Designer. 

Surely, we are best placed to do this in-house?

This has been your only choice! Until now.
In many cases we find customers are too close and too involved with the inner workings of their company to be objective. Having an experienced consultant to bounce ideas off and to ask why you approach design in a certain way is invaluable. When it comes to our more experienced customers, we find that they are not as aware of the true capabilities of the Altium software as they think. 

How does it work?

We have developed a number of modules to choose from. You may consider these as one-off projects or you may choose to join together multiple modules into a more ambitious scheme. Many of the modules naturally link together, we would recommend starting with a methodology session for anyone looking to embark on those bigger projects.

What can I expect?

Our approach is collaborative and non-judgemental. The first steps involve us trying to understand your current operations and identify areas where Altium Designer might help to make improvements. Having established this, our primary goal is to arm you with the knowledge required to address these areas. Processes are documented and optimised for your specific needs. Where necessary, pilot projects and examples are compiled to properly illustrate the techniques that need to be employed. As a result, you will be confident that the approach adopted is the optimum way of working for them. 

Module Overview


Methodology Planning

An interactive session held with "System Administrators". We will gain an understanding of your design flow and authorisation processes. An introduction to the key part of Altium Designer will be presented and then we will map Altium Designer to your design processes. We can discuss licensing options and deployment changes. A sketch will be created of the process flow and this will be used to discuss and identify shortcomings. Recommendations will be made to address these shortcomings. We will then identify the need for planning contingencies and discuss the robustness of the process flow.


Installation and Deployment

An interactive session held with "System Administrators" with support in parts from your IT department. We will determine the requirements and the scope of the deployment of Altium Designer. We shall introduce the options for installation and contrast the benefits of Cloud and DVD-based options. A full discussion of the use of AltiumLive and the setup of accounts for administrators and users will take place. We will provide a pilot installation and will be used to introduce the mechanisms and methodologies that will need to be employed. With internet access, we will create an AltiumLive account for the customer and show the System Administrator how they may set up license groups and administer licenses. We will also be able to illustrate the deployment options for design templates and content streams. If time permits, discussions of customisation options, template deployment and multi-license methodologies can take place. 


Legacy Translation

An interactive session held with "System Administrators". We will establish the scope and nature of the translation services required (we would recommend either a teleconference or email communication prior to us coming on-site). Aspects to consider include: the number of designs, the purpose of the translation, the availability of the source data and its associated design tools and of course the precise details of the source tool and version. Once on site, we can discuss the practicalities of translation and identify any obvious limitations and/or needs to pre- or post-process the design data. If appropriate, we shall discuss the option of reverse-engineering data from Gerber files. A pilot translation will be performed using customer data and this will be used to illustate the process and identify any shortcomings. A process flow diagram shall be sketched out to document any pre- or post-process operations. Using the translated design we shall then provide a host of hints and tips illustrating how to increase the integrity of the design data from an Altium perspective. We shall show you how to create libraries from the translated design. 


Library Setup

An interactive session held with "System Administrators" and Librarians. We shall start by introducing the four library management paradigms employed by Altium Designer. This will be followed by a discussion of the customer's specific requirements and methodologies. We will identify the roles of the librarian and of the user. A discussion of the appropriate Library Management models will follow, resulting in a sketch of an appropriate process flow diagram. Using the diagram we shall discuss shortcomings and the need for contingency planning. 


Advanced Techniques

An interactive session held with your Senior Design staff. Three main subject areas will be tabled for discussion; Library Management, Schematic and PCB Layout. These areas deliberately mirror the introductory training sessions as they provide a "refresher" to those that have previously attended the formal training. They create a platform for discussing specific challenges that have been faced when trying to put the introductory training into practice. It is predicted that this session will run as a "clinic" where individuals may table their specific challenges and we shall seek to make recommendations as how best to address them. We shall also be happy to provide the benefits of our considerable expertise with Altium Designer and highlight common pitfalls, misunderstandings and areas to avoid. 

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