Altium Vault 3.0

Now more than ever, engineers can leverage new technologies to increase control over data management workflow with Vault 3.0. There's new ways for you to search, synchronise and manage your design data with the following features: 

Streamlined Project Releaser - ENHANCED FEATURE

Your designs experience many stages before going to manufacturing. Having to manage individual copies of files for each design stage can create a serious challenge when maintaining your data. With the Streamlined Project Releaser in Altium Vault, it's now easier than ever to control the release of your design projects. Rapidly and efficiently organise and release clear structures, project snapshots and verified, error-free design outputs. Allowing your board to be manufactured right the first time. 

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Expanded Templates - ENHANCED FEATURE

Keeping to specific company design standards can feel complicated. However with expanded templates in Vault, you can directly access the most up-to-date standards and guarantee your designs are aligned. Create, modify and distribute projects, schematic and Draftsman templates in just a few simple clicks. You can store BOM report templates and scripts without the need to share folders and drives. It's all available in a secure and centralised location. 

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Single-setup Library Migration - ENHANCED FEATURE

It's more than likely that engineers have a few designs under their belt and with them, numerous component libraries. You may need to use your existing libraries in your current design project, but, recreating and releasing your libraries takes up too much time. With Altium Vault, you can centralise your existing component libraries securely with a single-setup library migration. This in turn increases data integrity and better team collaboration.

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Enhanced Search - ENHANCED FEATURE

Find the exact component you need for your design project with the Enhanced Search capability. Search from dozens of parameters ranging from footprint parameters to manufacturer part numbers. Then, save your search and filter your results.  


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Customised Item Manager Auto-matching - ENHANCED FEATURE

This allows engineers to quickly synchronise projects and define parameters to update unmanaged assets with verified design data.

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Managed Datasheets - ENHANCED FEATURE

Keep all your component assets centralised and secured in one location. Store and link datasheets for every component for easy access and reference. 


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New Part Choice Catalog - ENHANCED FEATURE

Find the right parts for your design project with the New Part Choice Catalog. Access thousands of ready-to-use components from Altium verified suppliers. Or, if you prefer, add new enterprise supplier connections from your Vault web UI. 

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For over 30 years, Altium has been devoted to transforming the PCB industry by bringing sophisticated technology to the majority. With Vault 3.0, Altium are furthering this commitment and developing innovative technologies that extend data management capabilities while simplifying the user experience. 



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  • By Lauren Clibbon
  • 16/11/2016

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