Passionately supporting the UK electronics industry

We, at Premier, are committed to the success of the UK electronics industry and recognise the need to put the “engineering skills agenda” high on our list of national priorities. Premier is dedicated to providing these essential skills and one way we support this effort is by offering comprehensive training in PCB design. These courses provide essential grounding in this area whilst introducing the whole spectrum of disciplines and intricacies associated with the design and manufacture of modern circuit boards.

As a company, we are proud to sponsor interesting projects as well as providing advice and support to those new to the industry. We are really proud of the work we are doing with education and other partners to inspire young people into engineering.

Working with Young People

Premier is an ardent believer of bringing new talent into the UK electronics industry and we work at many levels to support this belief. We have relationships with local schools to highlight the opportunities available in engineering so suitably inclined students can make informed choices during Years 9 and 10. We also enjoy sponsoring up to ten Year 11 students through the Headstart scheme, whose taster courses provide invaluable insight into university life and engineering courses at undergraduate level. Accordingly, we are proud to be associated with World Skills UK, where we are training numerous electronics competitors to technician level – a skills level which is desperately needed by today’s industry.

For those in higher education, Premier is involved in a number of Industrial Advisory Groups for universities and has put in place sponsorship agreements with a number of UK universities. We also offer careers lectures and internships for undergraduates.


Other Community Projects


Here we see Elmar Dukek, EMEA VAR Manager for Altium, fitting a radio collar to an Indian elephant.

This is a community-driven project allowing accurate tracking of this elephant (recently named "Altium") as it makes it's way up a local hill.