Altium Designer Training

Our team here at Premier has developed a range of unique training services to help you get the most from Altium's powerful software. These represent the fastest way to get up and running with the software and will smooth out any "learning peaks" that you may have accumulated during self-teaching or general use of Altium Designer.

Regularly scheduled courses are based at our dedicated training suite in Hertfordshire, although they can also be run on your site if preferred. They are developed in-house using the expertise of some of the world's most experienced applications engineers. 

We find the software training is a great way to bring new starters up to speed very quickly with the software. As well as enabling the start of productive work quicker than normal. I’d definitely recommend it.

Our Introductory Courses are suited for delegates who have somewhere between beginner and intermediate level knowledge of Altium Designer. The Library Management, Schematic Capture and PCB Layout Courses may be taken separately, but have been designed to build into a complete four-day training session.

Each course has a comprehensive set of delegate notes and structured examples. 

Altium Training Schedule

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