Altium Designer includes schematic capture, 3D PCB layout, analysis, and programmable design, in a single, unified system. It is the tool of choice for hundreds of UK PCB design professionals and may be used to design virtually every form of modern circuit board.

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Running securely on your own network, the Altium Vault integrates directly with Altium Designer. It can provide formal, revision-controlled, life-cycle managed methodologies for your electronic component libraries, design data and even your team's workflow.

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Ensure that your tools keep pace with the latest developments. Gain access to expert help, priority phone services, exclusive invites to webinars & workshops, plus a wealth of component libraries & reference designs. Altium Subscription is more than just "maintenance".

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Recent News

New Extension available: MCAD Co-Designer

Altium have now released the new MCAD Co-Designer: SOLIDWORKS® extension, bringing you true ECAD/MCAD integration to your design process.

Your products need to blend both the mechanical…

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Altium Designer 15.1.14 update available

A new update is available for Altium Designer 15.1. This update includes a number of bug fixes so the operation of the software is more effortless. Please see the Release

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Altium Designer 15.1.13 update available

A new update is available for Altium Designer 15.1. This update includes a number of bug fixes in order to make the operation of the software more effortless. Please see the…

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Maintenance update for Altium Designer 14

Altium have released the maintenance update 14.3.18. This is to support those Altium Subscription customers who are mid project and not quite ready to update from Altium Designer 14 to Altium Designer…

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Upcoming Events

Date Name Duration Price  
Wed Oct 21st , 2015 Electronics Design Show 2015 2 days FREE More
Tue Nov 10th , 2015 Library Management with Altium Designer 1 day £695.00 More
Wed Nov 11th , 2015 Schematic Capture with Altium Designer 1 day £495.00 More
Thu Nov 12th , 2015 PCB Layout with Altium Designer 2 days £995.00 More
Tue Dec 1st , 2015 Control of Noise, Signal Integrity & EMI in High Speed Circuits & PCBs 2 days £1200.00 More

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Premier is pleased to support a huge array of exciting electronics projects from the community at large. Projects range from world-leading academic research, community initiatives, support for educational institutions and collaborations from young people and students.